Candidate Forum (Debate)

The Candidates for Mayor and Town Council, hosted by The Westfield Leader. #brindleformayor #habgoodforward1 #dardiaforward2 #contractforward3 #mackeyforward4 #westfieldnj

01:45 - Ward1 Candidates Linda Habgood
14:28 - Ward 2 Candidates Mike Dardia
24:14 - Ward 3 Candidates David Contract
37:00 - Ward 4 Candidates Dawn Mackey
48:25 - Candidates Closing Statements Begin
1:12:00 - Mayoral Candidates Shelley Brindle


My Platform For Mayor

I’m running for Mayor because I have a vision for what’s possible in Westfield. We deserve more, we can do better, and together we will. #brindleformayor #westfieldnj


HBO's CEO On My Record Of Success

My experience at HBO taught me the best way to manage disruption is by leaning into it with vision, courage, and selfless determination. When I look at the challenges facing our town, I see possibility. #brindleformayor #letsdothis #westfeldnj


Shelley Brindle: What's enthusiasm?


Shelley Brindle: Let's clean up!

Thank you to our Campaign Interns and Volunteers! Taking a Saturday morning to deliver on a quick ask - clean up our parks! #brindlebrigade #brindleformayor #westfieldnj #parkpickup


Westfield: Are You Voting?


  • November 7 - Election Day! Polls open 6 a.m.
  • October 17 - Deadline to Register to Vote
  • October 31 - Deadline to apply by mail for Mail-in Ballot Deadline
  • November 6 - Deadline to apply in-person for Mail-in Ballot



Shelley Brindle: Why I'm Running For Mayor


To DONATE, VOLUNTEER, HOST AN EVENT or LEARN MORE, please visit Shelley Brindle’s website at or follow her on Facebook at

Shelley Brindle,
Ben Nanna, Campaign Manager,

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