Mayoral Candidate Shelley Brindle and Campaign Interns Handed Out 1,000 Granola Bars to Commuters to Help With the #trainpain and #busfuss


July 18, 2017 at 11:31 AM

Mayoral Candidate (D) Shelley Brindle and the campaign interns gave out a breakfast snack and words of encouragement to Westfield commuters from 6 a.m  to 8 a.m. every day last week, rain or shine, marking the beginning of NJ Transit’s summer schedule.

The schedule, which went into effect July 10, was implemented to accommodate Amtrak track repairs and came with an official disclaimer that "delays on all rail lines, except the Atlantic City line, are inevitable."

The interns wrote notes that accompanied the granola bars that said, “If you can get through this commute, you can do anything today!” and “We know this commute is the worst, but we think you’re the best!”

Shelley Brindle, the Democrat candidate for mayor of Westfield, previously pledged in a May 16 Facebook post to “be publicly and enthusiastically committed to making a one-seat ride during peak hours a priority” if elected Nov. 7.

“I commuted to NYC from Westfield for 20 years — a recurring uncertain commute is stressful, something I don't miss, and an experience you shouldn't have to go through,” said Shelley Brindle in a post on her Facebook referring to residents standing in line at the bus stop an hour earlier to get to work on time.

NJ Transit’s Summer Schedule will continue to Sept. 1.

Candidate Linda Habgood (ward 1) with Westfield resident and commuter. 
Candidates Shelley Brindle (mayor) and Dawn Mackey (ward 4) with Campaign Interns: Zoe, Grace, Phil, Marisa, Madison, Alana, Charlotte. 

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