Thank You

We did it! All your hard work and dedication—knocking on doors, making phone calls, having conversations with friends and neighbors, meeting at the train, and so much more—all of it made what happened last Tuesday night possible and historic.

--The new governor received 6,491 votes from Westfield, while 7,180 of you came out and voted for me!

--This was one of the largest turnouts in a Westfield mayoral election! We had an overall turnout of 54% compared to the state average of 35%.

--1,733 of you voted early in-person or by mail-in ballot, far surpassing the previous town average of 300, and just shy of last year's presidential election of 1,982.

From the earliest days of our campaign, I was inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of Westfield residents. So many of you stepped up to offer support, join the conversation, and got involved for the first time. The campaign was positive, focused on the issues that matter to Westfield, and engaged our community’s youth like never before.

I’m convinced, now more than ever, that when we pool our collective talent and energy, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. My election, and the election of our new Town Council members Linda Habgood, Michael Dardia, David Contract, and Dawn Mackey, who will be working alongside me to make our great town even better, is proof of this fact.

Now it’s time for us to step forward and build Westfield’s bright future. Just like every step that led us up to this point, we’ll take the next one together too. All of us.

Throughout my campaign, I spoke about engaging every citizen. If you’re reading this you’ve already started, and I’m counting on you to stay engaged. Take the energy and enthusiasm you displayed this election season and channel it into what comes next.

You’re going to have the opportunity to serve our community, and we will soon be sending a call out for volunteers to begin the process. I’m committed to representing every citizen of Westfield, and making sure every voice is heard. Political differences aside, we all want the same thing: to ensure the long-term vitality of our town. I’m looking forward to working with you.

So many of you put your faith in me with your vote, and I know we will be successful because I have that same faith in you. In your expertise, experience, passion, talents, and unique skills. The untapped potential of our community is an unstoppable force. We’ve seen it at work during the campaign. Now, let’s put it to work for Westfield these next four years!

The conversation has only just begun!

With gratitude, 
Mayor Elect, Shelley Brindle



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