Testimonials from Friends and Colleagues

Richard Plepler (HBO, Chairman & CEO):
I always thought it was one of HBO’s great, turbo-charged advantages having Shelley Brindle in the House…She will be irreplaceable but her contribution and legacy she leaves at HBO are enshrined. She’s a gifted lady with a giant heart, and whoever is lucky enough to work with her next will see that instantaneously.


Kary Antholis (HBO, President HBO Films):
Shelley understands how systems and organizations impact people's live…I grew up in the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church community in Westfield, and my wife grew up in Cranford, right next-door. I know that Shelley Brindle has her finger on the pulse of what can improve the lives of the people of Westfield, New Jersey. I urge you to consider giving her your vote.


Lucinda Martinez (HBO SVP, Multicultural and International Marketing):
Shelley's ability to not just set a clear vision but to get actually things done while inspiring others to go beyond their own expectations is her trademark and those of us that got to work for her and learn from her have been changed for the better. Westfield would be lucky to call her Mayor.


Zoe Dean-Smith (Vital Voices Global Partnership Vice President, Global Leadership Programs):
I had the privilege of spending a week with her in London in Feb 2016 when she served as a Global Ambassador (mentor) in a program that we facilitated for women leaders from the Middle East & North Africa and Eastern Europe…Shelley shared insights and experiences which were enormously valuable to everyone in the room…We need many more people like her to build robust communities in this beautiful country.


Bruce Richmond (HBO EVP, Worldwide Production):
Shelley is one of the best motivators and cultivators for those around her ... her energy, transparency, and management style is innate and infectious…I had the pleasure of working with her and her teams at HBO and I can tell you up close and personal that it was energizing and made one feel like you could reach any goal. Even those you never thought of.


Hugh Panero (Owner, Yellow Brick Road Ventures):
To all my friends in Westfield, I have worked with Shelley Brindle in the tech world and you are very lucky she has decided to take on the challenge of public service for your City. She is smart, warm and faces tough issues in a collaborative way. The tougher the problem the more energy she puts into it. 


Beth Main (HBO SVP, Domestic Network Distribution):
Shelley is a human of extra-ordinary capacity: an able listener, fair and objective, clear and purposeful in times of uncertainty, unambiguous when articulating a vision and offering a roadmap, positive, discerning, facile in solving complex problems, interested, responsive, unafraid, indefatigable - no matter what gets dished. What local government would not benefit from such a person at the helm? 


 Peter Ban (iHeart Media EVP, Revenue & Sales Ops):
Shelley inspires people to exceed their own expectations of themselves. Nothing is impossible under her leadership. She's pure heart and every challenge is a fun adventure.


Chris Spencer (National Geographic EVP, Creative Services):
She's decent, honest, fearless, tireless, skilled and very, very intelligent. She will make the call and stand by it. She is proof that you can get results and have compassion at the same time.


Juliette Morris (EVP Partner Marketing & Communications, NBCU):
Shelley is the most generous, loyal, collaborative and smart leader. She is a deliberate and open minded individual and is unafraid to make decisions and push for change even in the face of adversity…Shelley is passionate, committed and has unwavering integrity. I have no doubt that she will not stop until she accomplishes what she promises for the people of Westfield.


Chris Defendis (HBO Vice President, Network Distribution):
She's a transformative leader who's always challenged the status-quo…She was skilled at distilling complex business issues into simple solutions, and her judgement was always spot-on.  


Lynn Ciccarelli (HBO Vice President, Affiliate Marketing):
Shelley is one of those people who does all the right things for all the right reasons. Trustworthy, kind, fun and just an all around beautiful and brilliant person. 


Melissa Roper Barnett (HBO EVP, Distribution Affairs):
Shelley is results-driven and passionate. She welcomes debate and can surprise in accommodating and compromising for mutual gain while never wavering in end objectives. She is ridiculously tireless.


Van Riley (Former HBO, SVP Research):
I was fortunate to work with Shelley at a time of tremendous change in the premium business. Her vision filled a void and was vital to the transformation of HBO. Through it all Shelley was all about her people. A true leader.


Dennis Williams (HBO SVP, Corporate Social Responsibility):
Her reputation for being fair, collaborative, and letting the best idea rise to the top made her the best kind of leader. It was the case then and is true now that she inspires people around her to do and be their best. 


Jill Weiss Collado (HBO Director, Partner Marketing):
Shelley is an amazing leader and visionary and I am so thrilled to watch her take on this new journey. Even more thrilled to now have an opportunity to be her cheerleader. To all my friends in Westfield, you would be fortunate to have Shelley as your mayor. 


Caroline Giegerich (Showtime Director, Special Markets):
As someone who worked under the incredible leadership at HBO, one of Shelley Brindle's best assets was her skill at identifying your best asset and helping empower it.



Navin Kamath (HBO, Vice President, Worldwide Digital Distribution and Partner Marketing):
Shelley is one of the most influential inspiring leaders that I have had the pleasure to be around. She has made a significant impact on me with her exemplary leadership and is someone I try to emulate. At HBO, she worked hard to develop a community of transparency, fearlessness and innovation. 


Josh Walker (HBO SVP, Business Affairs):
Having worked closely with Shelley Brindle for many years at HBO, I have no doubt she'll be a strong, effective leader for Westfield and a passionate advocate for its people.


Amy Feldman Tollin (Former HBO SVP, Program Planning and Scheduling):
Shelley listened intently. She truly took in other people's perspectives - - weighed them, and questioned them - - while being confident in her own decision-making abilities…She was forward-thinking, yet also relied on historical context to make tough decisions. Her manner was calm yet intensely focused, confident, persuasive, passionate and caring. 


Sloan Kennedy Smith (HBO, Vice President, Domestic Network Distribution):
Shelley is a futurist. Always thinking "where the puck is going". Her leadership is full of hope and belief ... and most importantly about the people!


Matt Hix (HBO Manager, Partner Marketing):
I feel you helped achieve a community of inclusion and fearlessness. Even though I was low on the totem pole, you always made me feel like my point of view was just as important on projects we'd work with each other on. It's something I still try to instill in my day-to-day now. 


Melissa Murphy (HBO Vice President, Marketing):
Shelley had a reputation in the building for being tough, savvy and generous. Those qualities may seem contradictory but she led an amazing team with astonishing results. I'm looking forward to seeing her accomplish the same things for Westfield.


Maria Weaver (SVP, Marketing Comcast Spotlight):
I have always admired Shelley's ability to lead, inspire and coach her teams…Witnessing Shelley balance being a great mom and wife while navigating the demands and politics of corporate America has had a great impact on me and how I handle being a working mom. Westfield is very lucky!


Mike McLaughlin (HBO Vice President, Sales and Marketing Analytics):
Shelley is an extraordinary leader who can quickly get to the heart of any situation and grasp the implications for all parties involved. She manages to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations while at the same time inspiring others to the cause and to go the extra mile.


Dan Levinson (Former HBO Vice President, Advertising and Promotion):
Every challenge she undertook was executed perfectly. No job was too hard, no problem was too difficult. And she always had a smile and an upbeat attitude…As the head of sales, she was on the line for billions of dollars of revenue that flowed annually. This is no easy job and not for the faint of heart. 


Gayle Harrahan (HBO, Sales Development Executive):
She continues to inspire me. Transparency is what we need in government...She really pushed me to embrace technology. Push past my fear and dive in. It has served me well and I am grateful.




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