TAPintoWestfield: 40-Year Westfield Resident and Former Colleague in Support of Shelley Brindle for Mayor

This article originally appeared in TAPintoWestfield on Oct. 4, 2017 


Shelley impressed me with her vision, which was always accompanied by goals to support it. She was revered for being an early adopter of any new technology that drove efficiencies and improved communication. In my SVP of information technologies role, I was involved in Shelley’s launch of HBO Go, the online streaming service that revolutionized how we watch television. This was innovated during the early years of the internet, and without Shelley behind it, it wouldn’t have moved along. Despite the difficulties with emerging technology, she understood the vision and was able to carry it through.

Shelley’s flexibility was also one of her greatest qualities during her time at HBO. Rather than saying an outright no to an idea, she would think about the practical and economic implications and determine if a concept would achieve the goals we were trying to accomplish together.

The leadership qualities I witnessed with Shelley in her executive positions at HBO will translate to the office of mayor of Westfield. I’ve had a sense for some time that the residents of our lovely town are not always aware of what’s going on “behind the scenes.” And there are things we all see, like crumbling curbs and streets that need to be paved, which say to me — someone isn’t paying enough attention. On Shelley’s watch as mayor, she will pay attention and get things done.

Her energy, innovation and communication will serve her and all Westfield residents well in her job as our Mayor. Please join me in casting your vote for her Nov. 7.


Liz Flanagan
Retired, SVP of IT at HBO
Westfield Resident, 40+ Years

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