I Will Be Your Mayor Full-Time, at No Pay

Since announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Westfield, I’ve met with Mayors Colleen Mahr of Fanwood and Nora Radest of Summit, as well as former mayors, officials and business owners from CranfordSouth OrangeMorristown, and Princeton.

I’ve learned that many of our concerns in Westfield are shared by everyone: economic development, parking, taxes, town services, historic preservation, and practical housing options for all stages of life - to name a few. And while the solutions may vary, the underpinnings of success are all the same: transparency, collaboration, proactivity, and accountability.

Why wouldn’t we listen to our neighbors to learn how they’ve been successful (or not) in tackling our common challenges?

You’ve read about some of their success: Fanwood received $2M in state/county grants for parks, fields, and transit development; Cranford has a resurgent downtown driven by a politically diverse and proactive downtown management corporation; Summit is implementing a new, visionary master plan created with substantial input from the community over ten months. 

After each conversation with them and you, I leave feeling energized about the opportunities for our community, and validated in my fight to realize Westfield's potential for all of us.

Being honest about Westfield’s challenges doesn’t make us weak, flawed, or less-than. It means we’re paying attention to opportunity, and eager to live a full-life in a vibrant town. We owe it to ourselves to go for it, and make our future bright.

The solutions to our challenges are all around us already. And we're lucky that many of Westfield’s residents are renowned leaders in sustainability, communications, architecture, entertainment, master planning, athletics, fiscal empowerment, the arts and more. 

We need a leader who will invite these folks to the table, and put their talents to work for Westfield. It’s what I did as an Executive Vice President at HBO, and it’s how I will lead as your Mayor in Westfield.

Listening to residents, asking for feedback, and staying connected with leaders from neighboring towns takes time, proactivity, and patience. This is why I’ve committed to being your Mayor full-time, at no pay.

It’s time for full-time leadership in Westfield.

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