TAPintoWestfield: A Thoughtful Approach — Brindle for Mayor

This article originally appeared in TAPintoWestfield on Oct. 17, 2017

tapreal.pngMy husband and I have lived in Westfield for 38 years and raised three children here. Like many of you, we are concerned with the future of our town and the direction we are headed. Last week I asked my husband to join me at a meet and greet in Westfield for mayoral candidate, Shelley Brindle. As a registered Republican and a thoughtful conservative, he approached the event with much skepticism. We had the opportunity to talk with Shelley one on one. My husband had some tough questions for her and afterward he said, "I have to admit. She is impressive."

Shelley has identified the need for a thoughtful, integrated approach to growth and development in Westfield. A number of recent real estate projects, parking proposals, and other events appear to have been impulsive and reactive rather than well planned  At best they can be described as tactical attempts to improve our town. At worst, they appear misguided. It is best to have an overall plan with which to work.

Shelley made it clear that the future prosperity of our the town we love depends on integrating the sometimes competing goals of growth and preservation  Shelley is more than qualified for the job of mayor. She has a unique combination of qualities — she is a proven strategic thinker capable of creating a good plan for Westfield, but she is also willing and able to analyze important financial and operational details. Not everyone has these qualities combined into one. Shelley is not the dismissive type and didn't feel threatened by my husband's hard questions. Her down-to-earth approach makes it easy to talk with her. She motivates people. She is retired from an extremely successful business career. At this point in time, she sees the job of mayor as full, rather than part time. She sincerely and genuinely wants to do it. Her enthusiasm and energy are palpable. 

A person like Shelley doesn't come around often. It would be a shame to let this opportunity to pass us by. 

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